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GIVEAWAY: Win 1000 Custom Stickers from 1800Postcards.com and Millo!

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A note from Preston: Hey Millo! Today, we’ve partnered up with 1800Postcards.com to offer a cool sticker giveaway. More and more designers are either using stickers to promote their own business (an interesting alternative to a business card or calling card) or being asked by their clients to design promotional stickers for them. So we went out in search for a partner who makes great stickers and we found one! Keep reading for your chance to win 1000 stickers from 1800Postcards.com. Even if you don’t enter to win, please leave a comment and let me know if giveaways are something you’d like to see more of here at Millo!

The Giveaway

We will be selecting TWO lucky winners and each will receive 1000 custom stickers.

What you’ll Win

Size: 3×3″
Quantity: 1000
Stock: #60 Gloss Sticker
Turnaround: 3 business days

How to Enter

Step 1. Participate by clicking on this link and entering your information.

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Step 2. Leave a comment on this post telling Millo how you would use 1000 stickers. (Also tell me if you think we should do more giveaways like this in the future… – Preston)

The contest ends at midnight, Mountain Standard Time on April May 13th. Winners will be chosen on April 14th.

That’s it! Good luck & share!

A note from 1800Postcards.com: What if you don’t need stickers? Well we’re capable of more than just sticker printing. We offer brochures, business cards, flyers, posters, banners, postcards and pretty much any custom work your creative mind can imagine. Bottom line, the print results are unbelievable! No one in the online printing space comes even close to this quality and attention to detail. You can see it yourself by requesting free samples.

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  1. Soooo excited about the sticker giveaway…I think I might have a sticker obsession or addiction that probably goes all the way back to my puffy sticker, Lisa Frank and scratch and sniff days 🙂 I would have to use the stickers in 2 ways immediately. The first is to print designs of graphics that are done by Crime Victims and will benefit the #Austin based #non-profit Crime Victims First @crimevictims1 and help to spread awareness and keep Austin stylin and weird. The second use is purely selfish and I would have to put several of them on my besties boombox that her husband made for her (he has a machine and welding shop) and that weighs about 200 pounds since it has 4 speakers and is made of metal..there is however a carrying strap just in case we channel our inner She-Ra and can suddenly lift it. In the meantime we have doodled, tagged and sticker adorned it so that it at least looks rad! Glad to connect with you guys and fingers crossed I win :))

  2. KONY 2012 stickers?? Haha, I would use them as promotional items to enhance my own marketing. Currently I am looking towards any avenue that will help me grow, Graphic design blender is always a great resource! I love this giveaway and don’t usually enter many things like this so if you did more or less offers, it wouldn’t really matter to me, I will still be a subscriber 🙂

  3. I think that giveaways are a great idea! I also love the idea of using stickers in place of business cards. Since last month was my one year anniversary doing freelance as Design4Sign, I’ve decided to take a more personal approach with my clients. I have begun sending handwritten notes to my customers upon completion of their design to thank them for their support and to provide a bit of marketing advice going forward with their business. I think these kinds of stickers would be fun to include with the notes. It’s also another great way to market yourself in the community- no tape or stapler needed!

  4. HI!!! This is an awesome giveaway!! 1st…..I’d LOVE to win this to help promote my newly started little design company, Blue Tail Designs 2nd…..THANK YOU!

  5. PS….Didn’t know if I need to give you my Entry #69616 – thanks again!!!! YOU ROCK!

  6. I’d use them for a client. Yes, keep giveaways coming…

  7. Saffron S. says:

    I would use them as promotional items to help boost visibility for my little shingle … there are so many ways to use stickers well this would be a very long comment to tell you all the ways! 😉 Mostly as promotional hand-outs, maybe add a QR code for a promo deal. The sky’s the limit really, but I would love a chance to give em a try.

    Yes, please keep the giveaways coming. All the giveaways Millo has had so far are so useful! Thank you 🙂

  8. I’d use them to help my sister promote herself as a cosmetologist. She’s trying really hard to find a job and would be nice to help her get her name out there. 🙂 Thanks!

  9. Nicole T says:

    LOVE giveaways!! And as Kristi said.. I used to collect all those stickers back in school too! Scratch and sniff! Can’t you just smell the pineapple? 😉
    My daughter is president of a group at MSU called STOMP. Students Taking On Malaria and Poverty. She just had a few stickers made to help promote the club on campus a few weeks ago. I would give the stickers to her to really help the cause!
    PICK ME!!!

  10. Entry code: 73894

    Stickers are a great promotional piece for anyone, especially designers! We can put them anywhere. On our laptop, car, we can give them to our friends, anything is possible with stickers. If I win, I will use them to promote my business on the go.

  11. there is a school near my house for kids with special needs, i’ll probably give the stickers to them.

  12. Entry Code 41036
    What a fantastic idea and giveaway!
    Yes giveaways are fantastic as sometimes you are looking for new suppliers and it’s a great way to find them and try them out!

  13. Rico Smith says:

    #59929. Well, I do marketing for a charity youth camp and I’ll use the stickers to market the camp and sell them in order to create some cash to cover the expenses of the camp.

  14. I’m considering utilizing stickers to include in promotional branding campaign for a non-profit campaign http://www.PROMability.com that builds self-esteem for high school seniors with disabilities. I believe this would help to stick the message. Keep up with more contest like this… LIKE IT!

  15. Will use it to promote my business. Thanks Jay 26290

  16. I would use them to promote my business

  17. I’m a designer who created a school program/interactive resource site that teaches children how to cope with tough issues by using creative outlets as a release of negative feelings. You can see the project at http://www.behance.net/candacegerard. (me empowered: part 1 and part 2) It began as a capstone project, but I want to finish the site and try to sell the idea to local schools. I love the idea of stickers and I’m very excited about this drawing…I think these stickers would be a great addition to the journals given to students and could be even used as a promotional piece for the project while trying to sell it to the schools. Thanks for the opportunity!

  18. #11927
    I’m trying to transition from in-house designer to freelance designer. I would love to use these stickers for promotion.

  19. let my site +wor gain momentum again. and who doesn’t LOVE some stickers. yes+yes please xxom

  20. Entry Code: 21871

    Would love to be able to get stickers printed to help promote myself with my graphic design and drawings. Being able to hand out fun stickers of my artwork with my contact information would greatly help out. What a great giveaway for anyone who needs a little extra promoting to enter in!

  21. I have recently started a photography business and I would love to have stickers with my logo to put on packaging and other supplies. I think they would be amazing. Yes- always more giveaways- I will always go to a business that supports blogs and bloggers! Even if I don’t win, I will put that business on the ‘check out if I need product later’ list.

  22. Whoa!!! This is coolness! I would use your sticker for my band promotion & other exciting projects!

  23. Stickers, designed right – stick in the minds of customers. I would use them to draw attention to some other marketing promotion!

  24. Entry code 81434

  25. I’d use them as a unique promotion item, and for general branding purposes on laptops, tablets, etc.

    As for the unique aspect – I would go to either the Arboretum or the Domain in Austin (both very upper-class business locations nearby), and drop the stickers on the ground with the sticky side up. Assuming the adhesive isn’t too strong, it would just make one of our “marks” peel the sticker off of their shoe to reveal our logo, URL, and “We Made You Look!” printed on the non-sticky side.

    I wouldn’t want to do this too often, as littering is an obvious concern, but in moderation I think it would get us some great exposure.

  26. I would use them for my new business! and of course you should do more giveaways like this! thanks, not sure if I need to post the entry code but its 31128

  27. AWESOME! I think stickers are a great idea of a way to promote my business. Wow more giveaways a must.

  28. Brandon Halliburton says:

    Great opportunity thanks!

  29. I would use the stickers on the front of my client information packets. When I meet with clients for the first time, I create an information packet with various company documents and details about their particular project. The stickers would be a lovely touch to finish off the front cover.

  30. Mark Medellin says:

    Just love colorful stickers. I’d plaster them all over the place…


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