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How to Avoid Scope Creep as a Freelancer

If you’ve been freelancing for more than a day or two you have probably experienced scope creep. It looks something like this: [Phone rings; it’s your client] You: Hello? Client: Hey! I was up in ... > best-books-on-freelancing

26 Best Books on Freelancing [2024 Reading List]

There are lots of books about freelancing you can read along your journey as a freelancer. But the best books on freelancing are going to be the ones that actually help you take action and grow your f... > freelance-lead-generation

10 Freelance Lead Generation Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

As you already know, the benefits of having a freelance job are numerous: Freedom and flexibility in choosing when you work Diverse projects that keep you engaged and motivated for a longer time No li... > how-to-freelance

How To Become A Freelancer In 2024 (10-Step Guide for Success)

You’ve probably come across a ton of successful stories about people who started their freelancing career from scratch are now earning a six-figure salary. Their success may have swept you off y... > freelance-content-writing-tools

16 Freelance Content Writing Tools You Need To Use in 2024

Are you a freelance content writer who often experiences writer’s block? Or do you struggle with researching golden nuggets for your content and balancing SEO with readability? The good news is,... > from-editor-to-entrepreneur-a-guide-to-breaking-into-freelance-editing

From Editor to Entrepreneur: A Guide to Breaking into Freelance Editing

Embarking on a freelance career is an exciting journey, filled with the promise of flexibility, autonomy, and the chance to work on diverse projects that pique your interest. However, it is equally a ... > crash-course-in-ndas-for-freelancers

Crash Course In NDAs For Freelancers

As a freelancer, you may find yourself in situations where you are asked to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), and it is important to understand just what you are agreeing to. An NDA is a legal do... > upwork-fees

7 Ways To Minimize Upwork Fees As A Top-Rated Plus Upworker

In this marketplace of work, individual talent is valued, and agencies can seamlessly connect with and hire contractors for jobs. When it comes to the popular freelance job marketplace Upwork, they ma... > freelance-graphic-designer-websites

12 Best Freelance Graphic Designer Websites to Find Gigs

Freelancing is a great way to make money working for companies of your choice at your own pre-set times. The downside of freelancing, however, is that work is almost never constant. Freelancers are al... > sample-upwork-proposals

5 Sample Upwork Proposal Templates to Win the Competition

Research shows 53 million Americans are freelancing today. They contribute $715 billion each year to the economic growth of the country. Demand for freelancers is at an all-time high. However, the com...