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From freelance writer to million-dollar BBQ blog and a Guinness Record with Susie Bulloch of Hey Grill Hey (FTF 6.4)

When grown-ups used to ask Susie Bulloch what she would be when she grew up, she didn’t stand a chance of guessing correctly.

That’s because, as Susie puts it in our most recent episode of Freelance to Founder, “The business we’re in didn’t even exist when we were kids…this just wasn’t a career path.”

Today, Susie and her husband Todd run a blog and brand for barbecue and grilling enthusiasts. Their company, HeyGrillHey, hit multiple six figures last year and is on track to surpass seven figures this year.

In this episode, we’ll learn more about how Susie Bulloch kicked off what has become a major shift for the Bulloch family, financially.

Susie Bulloch was a freelance food writer with one major client in particular – that she did extensive work for. Todd, her husband, worked as a controller for a local health clinic, earning a great income.

But after being let go from her freelancing gig, she started her own food blog with a hyper-specific audience in mind.

Now years later, Susie, a two-time Guinness World Record-holding griller, has her sights on her very own Food Network show. You’ll love learning from Susie and Todd’s adventure on today’s episode.

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