From kindergarten teacher to Kickstarter success & thriving mompreneur (FTF 2:3)

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“Out of necessity, ideas are born.”

This is the philosophy AshLee Winterrose of Hide-A-Boo Hideouts lives by.

AshLee is a mother, wife, and kindergarten teacher. And now, an entrepreneur who has started a company that’s all about children and family.

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Episode 3 of Freelance to Founder tells the story of how AshLee and her husband dealt with a challenging blow while still in college, forcing her to become the primary family provider.

Hear how AshLee went from a meager teacher’s salary to budding entrepreneur.

While in college, AshLee’s husband worked in construction to pay for schooling. AshLee also held down numerous jobs.

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Unexpectedly, AshLee’s husband had an accident that left him with a brain injury. Suddenly, AshLee was faced with caring for her husband, trying to get both of them through college, and supporting her new family.

Eventually both AshLee and her husband were able to complete their degrees. AshLee focused on continuing her life plan as a teacher, but soon realized life is never about getting from Point A to Point B.

In the midst of her trials, and with the help of her sister and brother-in-law, AshLee created Hide-A-Boo Hideaouts – a product that seeks to help parents make the most of the moments they have with their children.

Hide-A-Boo was a hit. Within a moth, AshLee’s Kickstarter campaign had raised more than the $8,500 goal. She raised more than $15,000.

Today, AshLee wears many hats as she follows through with her “new” plan. She’s a mom to a 7 year-old, 3 year-old, and a newborn. She’s also a mentor teacher, a sister, daughter, and active member of her community. And, she runs Hide-A-Boo with her sister and brother-in-law.

AshLee says, “We haven’t even scratched the surface of the purpose of this business. We’re in the process of discovering.”

To hear the complete story of how AshLee balances life, motherhood, and a side business, you can listen to episode 2.3 of Freelance to Founder.

You can also listen to the entire first and second season of Freelance to Founder on our website, in iTunes, or through Pocket Casts.

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