7 Unusual ways to market yourself as a freelance writer

From day to day, freelance writing becomes one of the most widespread activities and one of the most demanded; how strange it would not seem at first sight.

Hence, there is no surprise in such modern tendency since not every person can easily operate with words, but the issue of qualitative writing support belongs to one of the most urgent challenges in all business and social areas.

If you are lucky to be “the master of the word,” you have multiple opportunities to realize yourself as a freelance writer.

Freelance writing: merits and demerits

Like any other profession, freelance writing is inextricably related to both advantages and threats. Speaking about for arguments, it is impossible to avoid mentioning about professional freedom and flexibility.

Thus, being a freelance writer you are not confined to the office from 8 am to 5 pm, you are free to choose where and when to write. It is an extremely comfortable schedule for women who have numerous family-centered functions and for those people who have a nonstandard time of the highest productivity (working at night, for example).

However, not everything is so cloudless. One of the biggest threats of freelance writing is hidden in its primary merit – flexibility.

Want more? Have a listen.

You never know when you will get a new assignment and, consequently, you cannot plan your budget accordingly. Indeed, this is the issue for those writers who have lack of clients, and it can be solved by decent marketing.

How you can market yourself

1. Self-positioning: you are not just a writer but an expert who writes.

Consider, the client’s order not merely logical, structured and unique textual product but competent thoughts in the needed areas.

Writing is just the way of your stand’s representation.

Because of this, you should position yourself as an expert with decent competencies, knowledge, and experience in a chosen field or few fields. Determine your strengths and formulate them briefly and brightly. It will be the red line of your further marketing campaign.

2. Live communication: stop writing for a while and participate in the live social interaction.

Your clients are living persons who have numerous social contacts, including those leading to you. Be active in social life, interact with diverse people and inform them about your writing skills, achievements and striving to reach a new professional level.

In such way, you create “a social request” which is almost always rewarded. People should know about your existence and talents before they come to the idea of hiring you.

3. Online performance: use online marketing tools widely.

If you could not be found online, you do not exist anywhere. Remember this hornbook rule of current virtual reality and follow it as much as you can.

Create a website, accounts on social media, personal blog, etc. Publish your portfolio (video presentation is one of the latest trends), pieces of your work, present your thoughts.

The more readers and followers you will involve by means of online instruments, the more clients you get in result.

4. Professional links: be in touch with freelance communities or other freelance writers.

Our skills and knowledge are the results of exploring the best practices.

Only those who have already passed your path can teach you something new, useful and effective, or at least direct your professional search in the needed direction. Try to communicate with colleagues; do not be afraid of sharing your achievements and asking about advice.

Moreover, freelancers are your primary way towards clients since they already have the customers’ base and can share it with you (believe that there are numerous reasons for this despite the fact of competition).

5. Volunteering: write for free.

At first sight, it seems illogical: write for free to earn money. However, do you know the most influential force than gratitude?

There are a lot of start-ups who need writing support. You can assist in such projects. Participate in implementing social initiatives, charity auctions, friendly assistance or any other voluntary actions.

All this can provide you not only with your personal “grateful marketing agents,” but also with the opportunity to demonstrate your writer’s potential to broad auditory. Such steps will create your reputation and become a part of your professional achievements you can add to your portfolio.

Consider it as your marketing investment.

6. Potential clients: attract the attention of the companies you are interested in.

Make the first step towards your potential clients.

Monitor their online sources, read and comment on their publications in an original way. Send them an information letter proposal; write guest posts for their blogs or sites. Use any opportunity to attract their attention to your competencies.

7. Personal relationships: use the source of your communication circle.

Your friends or relatives are the persons who more willingly become your clients. Do not miss such opportunity to spread the information about yourself through their online sources writing for them.

Do not stop at the closest relations, asks your dearest to introduce you to their friends. Make your social links wider and wider each day.

You should not limit yourself with the recommendations that were mentioned above. The primary thing is your understanding of the general approach to marketing yourself. We propose the carcass you can use for making your individual creative approach which you certainly invent. Be original!

Have your own unusual, but successful way of marketing yourself? Share it with me in the comments.


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  1. I used to be good at the live interaction on social, but it got so noisy it was hard to keep up with. But I realize how important it is so I’m definitely planning to step up my game in 2018.


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