The importance of taking action every. single. day.

I got sick a few weeks ago. Like really sick. My nose was broken when I was a teenager, and I never got it fixed, so any time I get a little sinus thing…it just goes crazy and I’m bedridden for like 7 days straight.

Before I got sick I was on a great workout routine. I’d take my dog on a really tough walk through the hills around my house for a couple miles, then come home and do a bunch of bodyweight stuff like pull-ups and whatnot.

And then I got sick, and didn’t work out for like 10 days.

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Every time after that I’d walk by my pull up bar, a thought would enter the back of my head:

“What’s the point? You already stopped. No reason to try.”

And I let this voice win. I didn’t try. More days kept passing where I didn’t exercise, and I felt awful about it, but the longer I kept it up – the more pointless it felt to try.

And then, by accident one day, I grabbed the pull up bar when I was walking by,  and just like that I did one… and another… and another… (No, I wasn’t listening to DJ Khaled either 😉 )

With each pull up I could feel a fire building in me.

I was PISSED at that voice that had been keeping me down all those days.

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It was so simple: Just ONE pull up broke the cycle. 

With that one pull up, I realized that it WAS worth it to try. It WAS worth it to get back in the groove.

The same thing applies to business.

It’s easy to feel defeated if you have even one bad or slow day. If you have a bunch in a row – it’s even easier.

The thoughts will start to creep in like,

“What’s the point? Is it even worth it? Why try?”

There’s only one thing that shuts those thoughts up and gets you back on track:


Joseph Conrad said it best:

“Action is the enemy of thought.”

Do just ONE thing to grow your business, and you’ll break the cycle. Then you do one more. And one more. And as many as you can until you’re exhausted – just like I do with my pull ups.

But it starts with one.

And even if one is all you can handle – that’s alright.

You’ll grow with time.

But start right now. Seriously. What are you still doing here? 😉

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  1. I’m re-reading this article today and really needed it…I am at the tail end of a head cold that has lasted about a week now. I was on a good exercise schedule before that and am totally thrown off now. I must start back tomorrow!

  2. I’ve had 5 mole removals on my back, at June-July 2015 due to early stage (don’t how it’s called exactly, I’m not the doctor) of melanoma. At the same time, my knee was in a really bad condition so I couldn’t do much. Not even the basic running.

    Before that I was really in good shape, playing football and going to the gym regularly 2 years straight. You can imagine how it felt when I had to settle down and recover 5-6 months from all these operations, checks, knee problem etc.

    When I got back in the gym (just before the New Year) it was a tough time. I was weak and everything was thought at the beginning. But, I have the mentality to always work hard and strive to be the best I can be. Now, 2-3 months later I’m already back at 70-80% that I was before and my knee is doing very well.

    The point I want to say, sh*t happens and sometimes you can’t do anything to prevent it. But you can always do something and decide how to deal it after that. You choose if it’s going to make you stronger or weaker. That whole theory applies to business as well. If one project doesn’t go well, it’s not the end of the world. Analyze what happened and how you can improve yourself if you made a mistake.

    Just my 2 cents 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing! I’ve been struggling with just this. I have episodes where I don’t do anything business related for weeks or months at a time and it really doesn’t help grow my business, obviously lol. I made the choice last week to get back it and I’ve been doing great! I really believe consistency is a big key to success.

  4. Perfect timing. This week has been so slow after finishing two website designs this past month. The end of the week, I had a few different meetings, but I still didn’t really “make any money” this week. Right when I was feeling at my lowest, I started a list of all the projects that are on the horizon and a few that I thought I could realistically see on my to-do list if I put even a small amount of hustle in. All of a sudden, I had a strong list of projects for 2016 and a projected income to put those nagging “go get a real job, stop pretending you can run your own biz” thoughts to rest. This article sums up what today was made of. My single action simply writing out my projections for projects coming up and potential income, making this week slow, but not a loss. Thanks!

  5. Thanks. I really needed this.

    I’ve been sick, debilitating sick, since late November right up into the New Year.Mid-January was the first I really felt better, but as soon as I started catching up on my side-projects? BAM! Relapse. I nearly cried.

    I realize now I need to rest for longer than I anticipated and that even though I’m forced to crawl, and as frustrated as that makes me, slow progress is better than none.

    1. Hey Peta-Ann, I hope you get well soon. I’m glad this post could help you a bit. Hang in there – maybe resting is really what you need right now. Sometimes doing nothing is the most important thing you can do – and in that sense, it’s still taking action.


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