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4 Time Blocking Templates for Taking Control of your Schedule

We live in an exciting time. Technology allows more and more jobs to be performed from anywhere, at any time. The answers to all of life’s mysteries (practically) can be found on the smartphone in o... > motil-review

A Closer Look at Motil: An Online Scheduling App

Freelancers these days have an almost unlimited list of apps and tools that claim to help run a business. So how do you know which ones are actually useful? Obviously, you turn to the Millo team. We�... > scheduling-your-freelance-life

11 Tips to Schedule Your Freelance Life (and Crush It)

If you’re a freelancer, you know that scheduling your freelance life is essential to your success. Without a good plan, you easily get overwhelmed and fall behind on your projects. This blog pos... > full-time-freelance

7 Steps to Going Full Time Freelance (+ Questions to Ask Yourself First)

Are you considering becoming one of the almost 60 million freelancers in the US? Do you feel ready to quit your job and turn what is now perhaps a side gig into a full time freelance career? Before yo... > freelance-vs-employee

Freelance vs Employee: 8 Tips to Choose the Best Option for You

The question of being a freelance vs employee is more important to the modern workforce than ever before. 2021 came to be defined as the year of the Great Resignation. According to the U.S. Bureau of ... > self-employed-bank-account

9 Best Bank Accounts for Self-Employed & Freelancers in July 2024

Setting up a self-employed bank account or a bank account as a freelancer is critical when it comes to managing your business. Since you are your own boss, you are responsible for filing taxes, tracki... > 5-ways-freelancers-can-make-a-living-from-healthcare-consulting-services

5 Ways Freelancers Can Make a Living from Healthcare Consulting Services

Due to the intricacies of the health industry, the vast majority of experts believe that healthcare consulting services must rely solely on individuals working directly under the service provider. If ... > freelance-email-marketing

How to Use Freelance Email Marketing to Win New Clients in 2024

To acquire new clients and expand your business as a freelancer, you’ll need at least a basic marketing plan, and email marketing is one of the most often used marketing methods. On the surface,... > say-no-client-re-establish-boundaries

8 Tips for Setting Boundaries With Clients Respectfully

Setting boundaries with clients is an incredibly difficult task for freelancers and small business owners. On one hand, you want to attract clients and keep them as happy as possible. But then, the cl... > honeybook-review

HoneyBook Review: As Good As It Seems?

Part bookkeeper, part project manager, HoneyBook is packed with features that make it easy to get things done and get back to what you loved doing in the first place. But, how do you know if HoneyBook...