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Your 16-point checklist of weekly client-getting marketing tactics

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Constant action in the right direction is what creates success – at least in my experience. Even if that action is imperfect, impulsive, and not your best – it’s better than not taking action.

Here’s a quick 16-point checklist of what you should be doing every week to market your freelance business. I’m sure I’m missing a good 16 or so more, too 😉

This is a good start though. I’d print this out and tape it up next to my monitor.

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Then let’s dive in to the 16-point checklist.

1. Partner with local B2B companies for referrals, such as lawyers, CPAs, etc.

Think, “Who else do my customers do business with?” That’s who you need to partner with.

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2. Google ads (start with Adwords Express if you’re brand new to keyword research)

This post will help you.

3. Facebook ads targeting local entrepreneurs

Explore Facebook’s vast targeting options. You can even select small business owners, and you can set location, too. Make sure your ad copy is also targeted as well so they know you’re speaking directly to them.

A “call out” works well, i.e. “Atlanta Business Owners! Do you…”

4. Bonus Points: Send that Facebook / Google traffic to a dedicated page on your site built exclusively for local entrepreneurs

The more targeted your marketing is, the better the response will be.

5. Collect testimonials from new clients after every new project

This post will help you a lot with that.

6. Ask clients for referrals and teach them HOW to refer

Follow this example.

7. Use this networking meeting approach

I’m not a fan of networking meetings, but if you want to get business from them, here’s how.

8. Send nice FedEx packages with unique messaging to specific, high-caliber clients

Jake from Millo breaks it down really well here.

9. Improve your own services, then email your clients to let them know about the improvements

At the same time, offer them updates to their existing work.

10. If you’re not building an email list – start building one!!

Such a powerful, free source of quality business.

11. Have a website that sells, with a dedicated landing page for each of your services.

This post will help with your copy, and this one will help with your overall site.

12. Load that site up with testimonials – as far as the eye can see.

More on getting / using testimonials here.

13. Place ONLY your BEST work on that site.

3 stunning pieces are better than 10 mediocre ones. If you don’t have a ton of “masterpieces” yet, then only showcase the couple you have – and just spend a lot of time on your site discussing why they’re so great. Really elaborate and explicate your work.

Read more here on creating a winning portfolio.

14. Listen to your customers’ feedback, problems, and desires so you can better custom-tailor your marketing to attract more of them.

100% of your marketing should be about how you solve these problems and satiate these desires.

15. Regularly update your marketing as you understand your market more and more.

You’re never “done.” The market is always steadily shifting. Keep updating to keep up.

16. Know your core strengths, and get good at writing about them in all of your marketing pieces.

A clear definition of why you’re different combined with copy that targets specific pain points of your market is pretty much an unstoppable combo.

Have more to add? Got something out of this post?

Tell me in the comments. Would love to hear your thoughts as always.

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  1. Still getting used to the new name. Just have one suggestion today, amazing huh? It would be great if you included a downloadable pdf of these type posts so they would be easy to print out and post by your computer. 🙂


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