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The 7 Best Speakerphones For Home office in 2023

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If you’ve ever participated in a group conference call, you know that the mute button on the speakerphone is your friend. It’s also important to have the best speakerphone for the home office.

Speakerphones might seem like a relic of a bygone era as so many people have transferred to the work-from-home environment, but think about how often you use your phone or computer to talk to colleagues.

When you’re already dealing with a small space and juggling the work/life balance at your home office desk, trying to listen for details through a speaker smaller than a golf tee is definitely not ideal. Especially when everyone else is also using a speaker, and many times they are stepping back from the speaker as they move around the room.

So what are your options? The most obvious way to get better sound quality on calls is to find the best speakerphone for home office work.

Working for a medium or large business, office tools are generally purchased for you. However, freelancers, solopreneurs, and anyone else working remotely may be on their own.

To help you navigate the choice and find a solution that works for you, we’ve put together this list of seven great options to help you find the best speakerphone for home office calls.

Find the best speakerphone for home office

The type of speakerphone you choose will depend on whether you are just starting out on your freelance journey or have an established client base. Before you make a decision, think about your needs. Here are some questions to ask to ensure you get the speakerphone features you really need:

  • Do you want a speakerphone that is compatible with just your computer or laptop, or do you need it to pair with your cell phone or tablet (especially if you’re an artist) as well?
  • Do you work near a power outlet, or do you need a cordless, rechargeable speakerphone?
  • Do you take enough calls that call waiting is essential?
  • Do you refer back to calls and need a record function built-in?
  • How much do aesthetics matter for your home office setup? Do you strongly prefer a specific colour?

Use these questions to help yourself come up with the features you want to see in the best speakerphone for your home office. Think about deal-breakers versus “nice-to-have” options. Armed with this information and our narrowed-down list (below), you’ll be ready to select the right speaker for you.

Without further ado, here are our picks for the best speakerphone for your home office:

Anker PowerConf Bluetooth Speakerphone

best speakerphone for home office

This Anker speakerphone can connect to either a laptop or a cell phone, although not both at the same time. If you meet with multiple people in a single room or like to move around while talking, this speakerphone is a great option, as it has six separate microphones built-in to catch every word.

This model makes the best speakerphone for the home office list because it has a long-lasting battery and is Zoom certified.

Poly – Sync 20+ Bluetooth Speakerphone

best speakerphone for home office

Popular with Microsoft Teams users, the Sync 20+ from Poly is the best speakerphone for home office users who need a little more versatility. With a broader mid-range than some, this speaker can be used for music, streaming video and for calls. It can also be used to charge your phone in a pinch, although the battery drains much faster when the speaker is used this way.

Bluetooth Speakerphone – eMeet Luna Conference Speaker

best speakerphone for home office

Perhaps the best speakerphone for home office workers on a tight budget, the Luna from eMeet comes in at a price point you will love without sacrificing the features you need. It connects to your phone or laptop with a USB dongle, BlueTooth, or wired connection. As a bonus, it comes in three different colors––black, blue and grey.

Bluetooth Speakerphone – eMeet M2 Gray Conference Speaker

best speakerphone for home office

Another option from eMeet, the M2 has an additional microphone and a prominent “mute” light, so you know when it is safe to make noise. This speakerphone comes highly rated for sound quality up to 8 feet from the actual device, making it perfect for a home office.

Jabra Speak 410 Corded Speakerphone for Softphones

best speakerphone for home office

Jabra speakerphones are a favorite with the office crowd for a reason. With outstanding sound quality and sturdy hardware, most users find Jabra to perfectly suit their needs.

Note: This basic model does not have a battery, it must be plugged into either your USB port or the wall and does not support Bluetooth, so it may not be the best speakerphone for home office workers who travel often.

Pioneer Rayz Rally Mobile Speaker

best speakerphone for home office

This truly compact device just may be the best speakerphone for home office users in a tiny space, looking for a boost to their phone performance. At less than two inches long, this speaker plugs right into the power port of your iPhone (not compatible with Android, sorry!) and boosts the volume, so it’s easier to hear if you are in a noisy environment or just struggle to get the quality you need with the basic iPhone speaker.

Yealink Bluetooth Speakerphone

best speakerphone for home office

Teams certified, the CP700 is a full-duplex, noise-cancelling, easy to use workhorse. It has a built-in microphone, Bluetooth and USB connectivity. It also runs either on an AC cord or with a battery. For all-around functionally, this definitely makes the cut for the best speakerphone for home office list.

4 Reasons to get a speakerphone for your home office

Still not convinced that a speakerphone is a right move for you? Think about it this way––you likely put a lot of time and care into choosing how and where you work. The average remote worker spends 12.9 percent longer in meetings than those in the office. If you’re investing in a comfortable home office chair and helpful gadgets like a laptop light, shouldn’t you spend the same amount of effort making your calls sound great? If that is not a good enough reason, here are a few more to consider:

1. You’ll sound more professional

We have all been on that collaboration call where one person is impossible to hear. Whether it is background noise, low-quality speakers or a headset that echoes or sounds artificial, it is difficult to listen to. Investing in the best speakerphone for your home office will elevate your status as a serious professional.

2. You won’t miss things

If you can’t hear what is going on, you may misinterpret deadlines, miss details or fail to hear assignments you are given. Asking clients to repeat things over and over again is not a good look.

3. Freedom

Working from home offers so much flexibility. But if you are tied to your computer or must hold your phone close to your mouth to be heard, you may as well be in a cubicle.

The best speakerphone for home office workers often has a Bluetooth feature, which allows you to carry the speaker around so that you can fetch office supplies, fend off needy toddlers, or fix a snack while you listen in and brainstorm with your peers.

4. Bridges the gap for in-person and remote collaboration

Sure, many people are working from home these days, but as freelancers, we are still often the only ones not in the actual room. Using a good quality speakerphone helps to limit that isolation, since everyone can better hear what you are saying, and you can hear them. Do not underestimate the value of levelling the playing field in these situations.


There is a reason that big, impressive conference rooms don’t have a cell phone face up on the table. Using tiny, built-in speakers just isn’t effective for conference calls.

As a freelancer or solopreneur, it can be difficult to find the money and motivation to put into new office tools. However, the value of making yourself heard is worth it. Most of us trade in ideas and in making the vision of clients become a reality. If you are unable to communicate clearly, these skills are lost in the translation, so to speak.

If you don’t already have the best speakerphone for home office calls, take a look at the options above and find one that will elevate your performance.

You need a speaker that pairs with your primary call device––whether that is your phone, computer or tablet.

You need a speakerphone with either long battery life or a corded function so that you don’t have to worry about dropping calls because the power runs out.

Above all, you need a speakerphone that allows you to get your work done efficiently, without missing out on the things that matter.

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