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Calm jitters and bust stress for a saner freelance life

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Stress is a common enemy of everyone, from the high school student, to the successful businessman, and to the working mother.

However, some careers are more stressful than others.

Even though working for yourself may seem like low-stress to an outsider, these can be some of the most draining and stressful careers in the world.

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The question then becomes how do you deal with the stress?

Here are positive ways to deal with stress or to eliminate it before it becomes a major problem.

Organize your time

Time management is a key part of your stress-reducing plans.

This can be as simple as a list of tasks to complete every day or as complicated as a multi-level plan for the next 10 years.

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The complexity and execution of such plans depends on the individual using them; however, any sort of time management plan will quietly and efficiently reduce your stress load.

Set limits on your office time

Setting limits and boundaries on when you are available and when you are not is a huge part of learning how to deal with stress.

These limits will protect your personal time and space, allowing you to relax from your work day and prepare for your next task.

They will also help you to be more productive during the times you make available for your customers.

Identify the stressful problem

After you have eliminated or reduced some of the wider causes of stress, such as poorly-managed time and not enough personal time, it becomes easier to see the exact problem behind the emotion.

Whether it is a difficult project or a personal problem leaching into work-day life, there is a solution.

Figuring out the problem is one of the best ways to deal with stress in every-day life. Even if there isn’t a working solution, it is much easier to handle a known problem than an unknown issue.

Shut down the screen

Even though there are a million things the internet can teach you and inspire you with, it is still a stressful environment.

In order to reach your best performance and top productivity, dedicated time away from the screen is essential.

Whether this be a favorite hobby, a new book series that you enjoy reading, or an exciting new exercise class, the time you spend away from your screen will enable you to achieve your top performance during your working hours.

Realize that not everything is perfect

There are definite benefits to being a perfectionist.

You have a solid work record and substantial goals.

You hold yourself to a high level.

However, as with any other character trait or leaning, this can become too much to reasonably expect.

If you are a perfectionist, or veer towards perfectionism, much of your stress will come from this trait.

Try to realize that not everything is in your control. It is not your fault that you got sick, or that the internet went down.

You will be much more happy and calm if you are able to let the inevitable small thing slip by the side once in a while.

Treat yourself once in awhile

If you can’t remember the last time you gave yourself a vacation, treated yourself in some small way, or simply took some time to really relax, it is time for a change in pace.

Many of the tips have dealt with this in some way before, as it is a crucial part of reducing stress and increasing personal satisfaction and pleasure.

Just remember: a happy worker is a productive worker.

Remember why you are who you are

Remember why you started freelancing for yourself?

Remember the dreams and inspirations that led you here in the beginning?

When the world looks dreary and the stress of all your projects and clients’ requests starts to tear you down, it is a good time to remember the positive reasons behind your career choice.

In fact, there is not a better time to recall the amusing incidents and successful first products of your freelancing.

In conclusion

These tips are only the peak of the iceberg of solutions to reduce your stress load.

Other ways of dealing with stress include discussions with other, trusted people, breathing techniques, re-discovering your passions, and more.

There is always a successful stress management method for each and every person, no matter what your stress load is or what is contributing to it.

How do you handle stress? Tell us in the comments!

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