Dealing with a creative block? Here’s 5 ways you can get your art flowing again

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It’s a story that’s probably more familiar to you than you’d like.

You sit down in your studio, raring to get to work, but when you’re about to get to drawing…nothing. Your brain simply isn’t cooperating.

You’re experiencing a lovely thing known as artist’s block.

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Don’t feel too bad. We’ve all had to deal with that at one point or another.

I’m no stranger to it, myself – matter of fact, I’ve dealt with it enough that I’ve looked into a few ways to overcome it.

Maybe one of my ideas will work for you.

1. Question everything

First and foremost, if you’re stuck on a project, step back and ask yourself a few questions about it.

Who is the audience, and how do you want to make them feel?

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What are their interests and desires?

How have other designers and artists tackled projects similar to yours?

What are the parameters of your project?

How can it improve the life of your client and their audience?

By asking yourself questions like these, you might jolt your brain into action, and get you started on your work.

2. Re-evaluate yourself

Next up, you’ll want to think about why you’re encountering a block.

Is your mind too locked into a familiar way of thinking, to the extent that you can no longer look at this from a new perspective?

Are you fearful, embarrassed, or intimidated by your project?

Are your work habits harmful and damaging to your productivity?

Or maybe you’re dealing with personal problems or unhealthy habits.

How much sleep have you been getting?

How are you eating?

Are you exercising regularly?

What’s going on in your life that’s distracting you from your work?

If all else fails, cut yourself off from everything for a day or two. Get out to the country. Go on a hike somewhere. Shake things up, and divorce yourself from the routine of your day-to-day.

3. Talk it out

It’s my personal opinion that every artist should have some friends and colleagues who work in a similar field as them.

That way, when they’re having trouble, they can turn to those friends and talk things out with them.

Few things can be as inspiring to one’s creativity as bouncing ideas off a fellow creative, after all.

Even if you don’t know any other artists, you can always go to one of your friends outside your field to see if they can offer anything up.

4. Try meditation

Meditation goes a long way towards reducing stress, increasing happiness, and helping one master their own mind.

That includes mastering anything that might be blocking your creativity. For that reason, I’d strongly advise that you at least look into giving it a shot.

Consider installing a mobile app like Headspace to help you get started.

5. Just sketch

If you’ve tried all of the above and you’re still stuck, why not just try putting a pen to paper?

Sit down, start sketching, and see what comes up.

By focusing on creating something aside from the project that’s giving you trouble, you might well end up coming up with an idea that’ll get you past your block.


These ideas help me get through an artist block. Try one of the ideas to see how they help you.

How do you get through artist block? Tell me in the comments!

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