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5 Best places to travel and work around the world as a freelancer

Being a freelancer who travels around can’t be simple and easy to manage. For one, you are always on edge thinking whether or not your next project will make the digital nomad lifestyle viable for a... > how-to-get-clients-to-pay-tactics-for-invoicing-success

How to get clients to pay: Tactics for invoicing success

One of my earliest clients was a fashion design company in Los Angeles who asked me to create a print ad for use in one of the larger industry trade magazines. Excited to be creating a design with suc... > set-expectations-get-go-client-welcome-packet

Set expectations from the get-go with a Client Welcome Packet

Ever notice how Amazon packages routinely come earlier than expected? They’ll tell you the package will arrive on or by the 27th, and when the package shows up on the 23rd, you are pleasantly su... > 60-free-ebooks-thatll-help-master-creative-freelancing

60+ free eBooks that’ll help you master creative freelancing

Are you a creative freelancer looking for some high-quality, free reading material? Then you’ve come to the right place! I’ve combed the internet to collect the best free eBooks for designers, voi... > virtual-assistant-administrative-consultant-online-business-manager-one

Virtual Assistant, Administrative Consultant or Online Business Manager – which one are you?

OK, you’re ready to roll. You’ve got your business name, your home office is set up, you’ve got your policies and contracts sorted out and you’re ready to dive into operating our own administr... > write-web-design-proposal-10-minutes-less

How to write a web design proposal in 10 minutes or less

I used to put off doing web proposals for days. Weeks sometimes. They used to take me about three to four hours each. I lost a client once because I took so long to get the proposal to them. I’d spe... > client-doesnt-pay

What to do when your client doesn’t pay

The anonymous nature of the internet makes it easy for people to hide. While most of us are honest folks, unfortunately not everyone shares our values. Even the most discerning freelancer encounters c... > keep-client-check-theyre-guilty-scope-creep

How to keep a scope-creeping client in check

If you’re anything like me, you hate doing revisions on a project. You understand that they’re part of the territory, so you accept them. But in general, the fewer revisions a client requires of y... > 5-email-scripts-following-client-unresponsive-plus-examples

5 Email scripts for following up when a client is unresponsive

Unresponsive clients can be a real headache…so what should you do when you don’t hear back from a client? This post shares my own experiences and best practices for following up with clien... > 4-types-clients-will-drag-business

4 Types of clients that will drag you (and your business) down with them

In the freelance community, we can all relate to experiencing the headaches of the problem client before. Naturally, not every project you work on will go as smooth as molasses. But simply saying “i...