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What NOT to say when promoting your freelance business on social media

Social Media is notorious for being a hotbed for overly honest confessions, offensive rants, and embarrassing photos you don’t want your employer seeing. To an extent, that’s expected for one’s ... > web-design-client-doesnt-pay

What I do when a web design client doesn’t pay me

When it comes to getting paid, we run a pretty tight ship here at Web123, but it wasn’t always beer and skittles. A few years ago our Debtors used to always be sitting at $120,000+ outstanding. It f... > 23-cool-examples-of-transparent-business-cards-giveaway

23 Cool Examples of Transparent Business Cards + Giveaway

Remember when you were in college (maybe you still are) and you stressed to no end about your resume and portfolio? You were all about getting it perfect. “Just right.” It had to be impres... > why-i-paused-my-revenue-positive-membership-site-and-3-business-lessons-you-can-learn-from-it

Why I paused my revenue-positive membership site (and 3 business lessons you can learn from it)

In February 2014, I launched an all-new members-only section of Design Blender called Stoked. And last Thursday just under six months later, I basically put the whole project on pause. It wasn’t... > 4-glaring-signs-to-take-the-freelance-leap

4 Glaring signs you need to take the freelance leap

I don’t think I chose the freelance life, I think the freelance life chose me. While other kids were playing little league, I was trying to build a two story colonial house for my teddy bears out of... > client-threatens-bad-review

What to do if a client threatens you with a “bad review”

A few days ago, the phone rang at 10am. “Reliable! This is Lou,” my wife and business partner, Lou, said. (We run a design / marketing agency, but recently started Reliable: our new PSD to HTML &a... > this-painful-terrible-amazing-exercise-forced-me-to-become-a-better-designer

This painful, terrible, amazing exercise forced me to become a better designer

Flash back to 2010, and I’m giving a workshop to a room full of entrepreneurs who want to learn copywriting. We were on the subject of headlines. I’d given them the basics, and now, to make sure t... > 5-pro-tips-for-working-with-clients-who-know-nothing-about-websites

5 Pro tips for working with clients who know NOTHING about websites

Every once in a while, we all come across a client who knows nothing about websites and has never even owned one. And although this introduces some unique challenges, we still want to help, right? How... > what-kind-of-contract-should-i-use-for-small-or-ongoing-projects

What kind of contract should I use for small or ongoing projects?

Have you ever struggled to write a contract for ongoing work? You’re not alone. One Millo reader commented: Love the article you posted today about freelance with a contract. I’m curious,... > 5-super-fun-and-easy-marketing-tips-for-your-design-business

5 Super Fun (and Easy) Marketing Tips for Your Design Business

When you decide go freelance you have to do more than just design. You have to run your business. I won’t lie, running a design business can be tough, but it can be a lot of fun too. Now, IR...