14 Ways to jumpstart your freelance business before the sun goes down today

If you’re anything like me, you have good days and bad days when it comes to running your freelance business.

Some days, weeks, or months, business is booming, income is at a high, clients are calling, and you couldn’t be more pleased with your business.

But other days, you’ve hit rock bottom wondering where all the clients are hiding. You can’t seem to get motivated, you’re running out of cash, and everything seems bleak.

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If you’re going through a lower-than-you’d-like moment right now in your freelance business, never fear!

Today, I’ll share with you 14 ways to jumpstart your freelance business before the sun goes down. Many of these suggestions link to other content here at Millo and around the web. Be sure to click through and learn more on each subject. If I left something important out, you know I’m always open to additions in the comments.

A jumpstart for your freelance business

This list will give you a good idea of tasks to start on today. Tackle a few today, a few more tomorrow, and soon you’ll see your freelance business start booming.

  1. Follow up with all past clients (that you have a good relationship with) and see if they have need for more projects.
  2. Network with other freelancers. Partnering with other freelancers who have skills you lack can be a great growth opportunity.
  3. Write a small marketing plan. In a study done recently among freelancers, marketing receives the least amount of time from freelancers each week. But taking time to write a small marketing plan today can pay off big in the future!
  4. If you’re new to freelancing, try searching all the best freelancing websites for fresh new gigs.
  5. Update your portfolio with only your best work. (Before redesigning your portfolio, read this.)
  6. Find a freelancing mentor who can offer advice on your business, your clients, and more. Sometimes an outsider’s opinion can make a huge difference.
  7. Read The $100 Startup and do everything Chris Guillebeau teaches you.
  8. Set up a few streams of passive income that will bring you money whether or not you have a lot of clients.
  9. Set goals and make plans to reach those goals. If you don’t know where you want to be tomorrow, how do you know what to do today?
  10. Diversify your income. Stop relying solely on a handful of clients and broaden your horizons. That’s my secret to steady income as a freelancer.
  11. Think BIG.
  12. Subscribe to this blog. (Ok, it’s self-serving, but I genuinely feel like you can benefit from the posts we offer here. Your call.)
  13. Adjust your pricing to get the best conversion rate out of your clients.
  14. Practice your elevator pitch and be prepared when strangers ask what you do for a living.

How are you going to build your freelance business before the sun goes down today? Leave a comment and tell me which one you choose (or one I left out).

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  1. I work part time as a graphic designer at a screen printing shop. Freelancing on the side while working from home raising 3 boys. I joined the site etsy to try & get my freelance business out to more people. It seems like everyone is always doing better than me. I also have designs on zazzle but only making about $50 a yr I’ve designed wedding invites for FB friends I’ve tried a few freelance sites w/o getting any gigs. I signed up for your newsletter hoping I could get info & hopefully turn things around & get out of this slump of spending money more designing rather than making money

  2. Now this is novel simplicity you can’t go wrong even if you just do some of them and at least two of these apply to all other areas of life.

  3. Don’t be afraid to use a loss-leader. Find a product or service you can sell at cost or slightly lower to get clients in the door. Lets the client see the quality of your product and your customer service without a big investment. I sold business cards super cheap and got about 85 repeat clients from it in one year.

  4. I really love Posts on Millo, they are so practical. Am a newbie in this business but am learning a lot.

  5. I really do enjoy posts like this, Preston! The list reminds me of what I should be doing on the days where I feel out of it. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  6. Just want to say — I LOVE your blog! It’s the only blog I’ve ever enjoyed reading regularly. Totally relevant and helpful content.

    Thank you!

  7. Great list! I’ve been very motivated about my freelance design business since reading your newsletters. Thanks!! I’d love some more tips on a marketing plan if you’re looking for topics. Like: what kinds of advertising works best for freelancers, if at all?

  8. Give something away for free, on a limited basis. Offer a free flyer design to new Chamber of Commerce members (of course you’re a member of your chamber). They’re quick and can lead to more business with a fresh new client.

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