Feeling “stuck” in your business? Here’s what you do, right now.

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The rush of inspiration is something. It turns everything else other than its focus into meaningless dribble. You can’t continue your life until you satisfy it and create what you envision.

I’m not just talking about projects here – but growing your business too.

When you just know what to do and you’re inspired, you go for it. You X through your task list. You keep working until it’s done and then you refine and perfect and hone it until it’s truly ready.

But what about when that inspiration is gone? When you don’t know what to do to get clients and grow? 

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That’s when you do this.

Getting “un-stuck”

When the right ideas come – it’s easy. They hit you like lightning strikes to the brain and you’re off to the races.

But in working with many creatives over the years, I’ve found that people get stuck for two reasons. And that’s because, in the back of their mind…

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  1. They have an idea that’s SO big, they think it’s pointless to even try
  2. They have an idea SO small, they think it’s pointless to try

I’ve rarely met someone who just doesn’t know what to do, because 9 times out of 10 “I don’t know” means “I’m rejecting the ideas I currently have.” 

But inspiration isn’t here to please you.

It doesn’t care what you feel comfortable with or what you think is “worth” it.

It’s here to show you a path that you can’t see yourself.

It knows more than you think. Should you trust it, you’ll quickly discover how true that really is.

Maybe in the back of your head you’ve been wanting to reach out to a big name… or maybe you’ve wanted to try something as simple as running an ad in a certain local paper… or I don’t know – I’m grasping for straws here hoping something makes you realize, “Yeah, I actually have been thinking about that.”

The idea that makes you say that is the idea you HAVE to pursue TODAY. And if the idea makes you feel scared and jittery? Then you KNOW you have a winner.

Your inspiration saw something in that idea and tried to lead you down that path. But due to one of the reasons above – or maybe something else – you just haven’t gotten around to it.

But you have to fight the feelings of “worthlessness” to actually take action. And here’s how you do that:

You just take action ANYWAY, because…

The moment you do, you are going to feel so relieved. A part of you has been dying to take action. A part of you has felt suffocated by the inaction and it’s caused you to feel even more stuck.

And it’s going to work out better — er, different — than you think.

Because here’s the other thing with inspiration: It often just shows us the ENTRANCE to a path. 

So maybe, for instance, you’ve wanted to reach out to some “big name” in your town, but you thought, “Why would they respond to me? Why would they work with me?” so you set the idea aside and let it chip away at you in the back of your mind.

The thing is – that idea could be blocking another amazing one. But until you actually honor your inspiration and reach out – those ideas will stay locked away.

Maybe that idea is just the entrance to a path of one, two, or ten other ideas you can also take.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been inspired to do things that DIDN’T work out – but they led me to things that worked out BETTER than I could have possibly planned for or imagined.

I also can’t tell you how many times I was CONVINCED something was “too big” to succeed – and it succeeded anyway. We’ve thrown some “Hail Mary” passes in our day that really did lead to touchdowns – despite our own thoughts and fears.

There’s no failure when you’re taking action on ideas. There’s only one idea leading you to another… and another… and another.

Some come to you so you can really WIN and grow your business. Others come to you just to bring you to the next idea… so you can win and grow your business 😉

The only way to find out which one you’re working with is to take action – now. (Yes, now!)

Let me know how it works out, or how it doesn’t work out but leads you to the next thing 😉

(Which is often even better.)

Have you already experienced this yourself? Do you have stories of your own of following “crazy” ideas you didn’t think would ever work out? (And maybe they didn’t – but they brought you to your next big idea?)

Leave me a comment below! I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Great article

  2. My problem isn’t quite as simple as having a great idea, where I’m stuck is the proverbial which comes first, the chicken or the egg? I started a blog on a free WordPress platform only to discover later that I cant monetize it. Now I’m like, ok start anew but do I make a new website before I have clients, or build it and fill it with content so then clients can find me? I think I know the answer but I’m scared of screwing up again. (And paying real money for it this time)

    • Hey Kim, I totally feel ya.

      “I think I know the answer but I”m scared of screwing up again”

      That’s the post in a nutshell right there. You almost always know what to do – it’s just a matter of doing it, even when it’s scary, risky, uncomfortable, or anything else.

      I’m all for following your gut. It doesn’t mean this is THE path to ultimate success – but it might be the path that leads you to that path.

      And definitely a lot of personal growth along the way, which you can’t put a price on.

      Hope that makes sense 🙂 Best of luck with your decision. I’m cheering for you.


  3. Thanks David!

    I just went through one – best project I ever had – wasted over a month because I thought I didn’t know where to start. Got it done in 3 days once I did – came out great. Now you are helping me tackle the next big thing – my overdue website relaunch. Already started.
    Just now.

  4. Jerome Tanibata says:

    Bravo! Great article that brings a lot of issues to light. I know for myself, I go through that fear and procrastination when getting a new idea going but it’s that first step of action that breaks down the walls. You hit a home run here, David!

    • Thanks, Jerome 🙂 That really means a lot that you took the time to express that. Seriously appreciate your words.

      It’s so true. I call it “the bridge that forms as you walk.” Every new idea feels like stepping off a ledge, but magically, a bridge forms under every step.

      Might be cheesy – but it’s served me well 😀

      Thanks again 🤘

  5. Just what I needed…a kick in the inspiration. Thanks.

  6. “1. They have an idea that’s SO big, they think it’s pointless to even try”
    “2. They have an idea SO small, they think it’s pointless to try”

    So unbelievably true, what a fantastic insight.

    When struggling, take an idea that was rejected and mine it for the nugget that DOES work. Build on from there.


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