Free video guide: Understanding the basics of freelance contracts

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As a freelancer or solopreneur, you’re in a tight spot legally.

You probably wish sometimes that you could work closely with a lawyer to draft or review your client contracts. I mean, nothing puts a creative mind to sleep faster than reading through lengthy agreements before starting a project.

But the luxury of hiring a lawyer is just too far out-of-reach for most freelancers & solopreneurs.

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So today, I’m happy to announce we’ve partnered with our friends at Lawgood (no, they’re not a sponsor or an affiliate) to release a free 7-part video guide for Millo subscribers titled Contract Breakdown.

Each section of the guide contains a video from our friends at Lawgood in which they’ll explain the different elements of a strong contract.

It’s a complete tear-down of what your contract should include, why, and quick tips for ensuring you’re protected when you most need it.

You can get instant access to the guide by clicking here.

Win a free contract review by the pros at Lawgood

In addition to this 100% free video guide, Liam and Gina at Lawgood are giving away a FREE contract review.

You’ll basically get the chance to have any contract of your choice reviewed by a professional. It’s worth $95 at Lawgood (or more if you have to hire an expensive lawyer).

And it’s a killer opportunity to have a pro review your standard freelance contract which you can then use over and over again down the road.

To enter: just share the guide on social media (here’s the link you want to share: and be sure to tag @lawgood or use hashtag #lawgood.

We’ll contact the winner this time next week!

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