1 in 5 Win free web hosting from our new host, Squidix (No, seriously)

Last month, we completely changed where we host GraphicDesignBlender.com. We left our previous host, where Millo had been hosted for more than 5 years, and made the switch to Squidix.

And today, to celebrate a seamless transition (thanks, guys!), Millo and Squidix are giving away a whole slew of one-year hosting plans completely free.

You can use the plan for yourself or pass the savings on to a client who needs web hosting.

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More details on how the contest is going to work below. But first, I have to brag on Squidix for just a minute.

Have you ever been fed up with hosting companies?

I was.

I had been with our other host for 7+ years. But every time I had a question or needed something fixed, everything was handled the same way:

I had to fill out a customer service ticket and…just…wait.

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Can you imagine what that felt like on days when my site was completely down? Or when my email wasn’t working? Or when the servers were running incredibly slow?

I was losing time. I was losing money. And I was irritating readers.

Now, I have a web host who actually answers the phone

Since switching to Squidix, it’s been like night and day.

At my old host, I had to pay extra to get a customer service rep on the phone. Crazy.

Now, Squidix is always ready to take my call, answer my questions, and handle technical problems.

And unlike some customer service reps who just don’t understand that you’re not a technological wizard, Squidix talks you through the technical pieces without making you feel dumb. It’s a huge difference for me.

If you’re like me and you’ve been thinking of switching to a more reliable hosting service, one that cares about your site’s health as much as you do, then you should switch to Squidix.

Not to mention, thanks to Squidix, I’m saving  about 7% of my projected business expenses this year. Hosting can get really expensive as your site grows so having some free (or inexpensive) hosting never hurts.*

How to win a free year of hosting (for you or your clients)

Sam at Squidix has been incredibly generous and is willing to give away as many free hosting plans as we possibly can in the next 5 days.

In fact, we have absolutely NO LIMIT on how many people can win. The number of winners will be based entirely on how many people enter to win.

Here’s how it will work:

One in every five entrees will win a full year of hosting. You can enter to win in any/all of the following ways:

1. Leave a comment on this post telling us what you would do with a free year of web hosting.

2. Click here to tweet this: “[email protected] and @squidix are giving away #free #hosting to 1 of every 5 people who enter to win.” Then follow @designblender so we can DM you when you win.

3. Subscribe to our email newsletter and prove you’re an active subscriber by opening Saturday’s and/or Monday’s email. (All subscribers who open are automatically entered to win.)

If Squidix had their way, they’d give away hundreds of accounts in the next five days. Seriously. You have a really great chance at winning this. So take a shot. We hope you win.

More details about the free year of hosting

In case you’re curious about the free year of hosting. Here’s what you get for a full year:

  • 10GB Pure SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • cPanel and Softaculous
  • Free migration if on CPanel (I didn’t even notice they moved my site)
  • Plan would renew at $120/year (only $13 more than you’d pay for bluehost/dreamhost/godaddy, and much better experience)

*In full disclosure, Squidix is hosting Millo now completely free. But I only offer 100% completely honest reviews of software and services. I’m not being paid to endorse them.

Also, if you have a sizable web site (100K/month in traffic) and would like to work out a sponsorship where Squidix hosts your site for free, contact them. They’ll hook you up with lifetime free traffic if you qualify.

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  1. That’d be amazing! I would use it for a website to help share info on Amba Yoga and other holistic modalities that women can practice themselves, or with the support of great practitioners. The kind of practitioners who want to educate the world! Kinda like you all here at Millo!

  2. Wow! Thanks for passing this on…this would be awesome. I just decided that I’m going to begin freelancing outside of my 9-5 until I can make the big jump to a full-time freelancer. I’m hoping to do so by next summer. So, I’m beginning the planning stages of my website now, and I was hoping to have it running in the next month or two. This would be perfect!!

  3. Thanks for sharing your good fortune! Sounds like a great company to work with! And free phone calls- wow!!

  4. I am a seedling design company, and I am building my current site. I need hosting and was waiting to purchase some until I finished building. But if I win a free year of hosting, I will have to expedite building my website and that might help me build some business inertia also. You guys are awesome, keep doing what your doing. Thanks.

  5. Sounds great!

    If I win, I would give the hosting to a friend who I am bartering services with. *fingers crossed*

  6. Hi Preston,
    Thamks for setting up this nice deal!
    I’ve enjoyed running my small-biz site on Blogger but it’s clearly time for me to move on to self-hosting. I’d use this Squidix deal to push my business and brand to the next level!

  7. As promised I came back to share my thoughts! As said I have worked with many hosting companies so far, so it was really interesting to take a look their services. I literally spent some hours to their website, I read reviews and in general I made a completed “shopping research” about those guys.
    So far so good, the only thing left is to actually try their services!
    So if I win the free hosting I will transfer one of my personal websites and I will compare performance and services to my existing provider (which is pretty good so far for me who I am a “techy” person but sometimes causes issues to my clients who aren’t)

  8. Thanks Millo and Squidix – I would move my business’s site to Squidix and compare it to Business Catalyst.

  9. Suidix hosting will be a great place to create my next great website. I will also give a place where I can put some of my clients website and extend some for charity..

  10. This was an exciting read. Like Alice, I had not heard of Squidix before. I love this offer, and would use the hosting for my setting up client websites. Many of my clients ask which company to go with and I make it my business to be an informed resource for them. I work with therapists who want to expand their private practices by establishing an online presence. I love to support them by being great at what I do, and that means having reliable hosting.

  11. Wow, what an offer! I have to confess that I’d never heard of Squidix before now so if this offer is aiming to raise awareness, it’s working! It’s also particularly well timed as I’ve been planning to change web host for a while. I’ve been looking at SiteGround but will definitely check out Squidix now too.

    What would I do with the free hosting? That’s a tough one. Of course, it’s very tempting to use it for my own site… but it just so happens that I’m in the middle of developing a new site for my children’s cash-strapped primary school at the moment, so it seems selfish to do that when I could give it to them instead (curse my overactive conscience!)

  12. I could use free hosting to launch a few project sites I’m working on… I love Millo so helpful 😉

  13. I plan to start freelancing in the next month, so a free year of web hosting would allow me to save money and use it elsewhere to improve my business.

  14. I would finally create an online portfolio, and market my graphic design services. Thanks for a great contest!

  15. I would start my own Torrent site lol, ha just kidding =]
    …I would use the new hosting package as a platform to launch a cool new company site, I’d also like to employ a framework such as Boilerplate or Bootstrap, which I’ve never used.

  16. Hello All,
    I would like to enter the competition to host my latest project, I am an amateur graphic designer and have designed sites for family & friends and when it comes to hosting am looking for a good reliable one and so far my inexperience in this field comes to front! I have read the notes on Squidix and it seems perfect. I currently host my web site in a sub domain and would love to migrate to Squidix, thank you,
    Best wishes

  17. Thanks for the chance to win! Its a great way to market such á good service.
    I would host my nearly finished Portfolio on it. I am a graphics designer and i love the web!

  18. I’d use the year’s free hosting to create a place for my graphic studio online and start to gain recognition for my work!

  19. Wow, what a great gift! A free year of website hosting would help kick start the promotion of our new consultancy business which we want to implement from home. Time and resources are always a struggle but with help like this who can say no?

  20. I would like to move my graphic design site to another web host. Having a tough year financially, but I am sure my new website on Squidex would bring in more clients to change my abundance to a more prosperous situation. Looking forward to greater success with Millo and Squidex. Thanks for this opportunity and all the great info.

  21. With this storage plan, I would for sure start my long-awaiting-project for portfolio and a related course website on drawing. Maybe it is going to come to life now 😉

  22. Congratulations on the new hosting and smooth transition! I have only been reading your blog a few months and I love all the useful content. If I got a free year of hosting I would use it for my art business. Tried a few other hosts but they are frustrating. The last transition I tried caused me to lose my domain name. Glad to hear squidix is a gem.

  23. What would I do with free hosting for a year? I would set up a domain for my personal chef services company and the upload the website so I can launch the business.

  24. Oh the irony! I’m actually reading this post while waiting on my current host to respond to a ticket that I submitted earlier today.

    Crossing my fingers to win, I could use a new host with better service. I’ve been with the ‘other guys’ for about 4.5 years and I’ve never been on the priority list when service is needed. I’ve never heard of Squidix’s service before reading this post.

  25. I feel your pain. My renewal period with my web host is fast approaching and they’ve decided to double their rates now. This would save me so much of a headache haha. Either way you guys are awesome.

  26. I’m creating a board book to teach my 16-month-old son (and caucasian husband) Korean and would love to have website to see if any other parents were also interested.

  27. I’m just starting to add web design as a service for my freelance company. This would be a big help!

  28. This is pretty neat because getting free hosting, I will redo my portfolio and website.

  29. With a whole year of web hosting I will be able to give one of my freelance clients a chance to gain a web site, a chance that some of my clients do not understand how or what they need to do, plus I will be able to tell them that i would help to maintain their site for the first 3 months free of charge.
    This is a great opportunity for my self as well as my clients.

  30. I would use the hosting to actually start up my portfolio & freelance website. At this very moment I am studying Multimedia & UX Design and I do not have the resources to buy my own webhost package at this very moment.

    I am from The Netherlands so I am not totally sure if I apply for the draw but it is worth a try anyway. When I can fire my own website for my freelance company I can finally communicate my identity to prospects and known clients in a professional way. Now I can kickstart the business before I finish my study and get to the freelance world quick!

  31. Just has a look at Squidix (https://squidix.com/hosting/). Their prices look reasonable and they seem to have all the options that most businesses would need. Now that you told us they actually pick-up the phone when you call with questions, well that’s a fantastic thing. Looks like I have an alternative for the next website project that get sent my way.

  32. I’ve been really procrastinating on getting new hosting after godaddy and this would really help to jump start my business.

  33. Count me in. I’m fed up with my hosting company and have been meaning to try a new provider. If it doesn’t work for my sites, I’ll use it for a client’s site. Thanks!

  34. I would help some guys here that want to get known for their Surfing School, they are great people so it would be great to have some hosting that rocks to put their info page on.

  35. What a cool giveaway, especially at a time when we are shopping around for a hosting provider. My wife and I are working on a series of children’s books. We are at the beginning stages or creating a brand, web presence, etc. We would use a Squidix hosted site for our web presence, galleries, newsletters and sales. The customer service sounds great and Ali’s really digging the SSD servers. Great stuff.

  36. Hi Preston,

    Can you tell me why you switched from dreamhost to squidix please?

    I just chose dreamhost to host my site because I know that’s where Millo lives (or used to? lol), now you’ve switched.



  37. Host my new domain name next to my other site! Currently in the works but almost ready for launch, needing to find a host. :3

  38. i want me some of this haha. I would use the free year to test the company out as I’m looking at migrating away from my current supplier. Looking for more up-time and a more personal experience.

  39. Been looking for new hosting for a while and just haven’t made the switch! Love your insight on this company and hoping to win the year!

  40. I’d like to see what it would be like to have a web host that treats me like a valued client rather than a nameless, faceless customer.

  41. Well I’m in the process of setting up a new website to explain the basics of gamification to educators. At the moment I’m just using a free WordPress website, but if things take off, free hosting for a year for that website would be awesome.

  42. What would I do with a free year of hosting?? Well, like Preston said, customer support and technical support are most important to me. I’m not a web designer and if I have a problem I would like to think that it can easily be solved with a quick phone call. If Squidix can do that than it is worth the move. Thanks guys.

  43. If I had free hosting from Squidix, firstly I’d run around screaming ‘I won! I won!’, no doubt much to my wife’s bemusement. Then I’ll go about putting my new comedy website up there for all to see!

  44. I’d really love to get one solid free year at Squidix, so here am I hoping to get one for my wife’s website. One more thing: as per now (2:51pm Rome local time) your “Millo Recommends” section still reports DREAMHOST as your hosting provider.
    Oops 🙂

  45. With a year free hosting, I will be able to move my graphics art company online and get more clients around the world

  46. If I had Squidix hosting I’d host a site showcasing the games I make with Unity 3D or sell WordPress themes I develop!

  47. I have always dreamed of having a blog for all my creative soldiers battling in my head. I will be using the free host for this blog (a blog for all budgets and all things visual), which will be my new blog’s version 2.0, and I will also use this experience to know what it’s like to have a host (like a stepping stone). I have been working as a freelance graphic designer for two years but I also want to dive in beautifying blogs, and I know this will help me get an inside look of what it will be like to work with hosts (as clients ask me to do this but I am not well-experienced in this yet).

  48. Planning to go freelance soon and winning a free year of web host would be a huge plus. One last thing to worry about on my list.

  49. I must confess that I didn’t knew Squidix so far as the most of my clients prefer the most popular hosting providers. Regardless if I will win or not, this article made me to want to take a good look to them. As web developer I have many horror stories to tell with my experiences with hosting providers… So I am going to visit their website and I hope that I would be as much satisfied as you!
    I’ll be back to share my thoughts!

    Good work Millo!

  50. YAY! I would use a free year of hosting for my brother’s website. He just started his own handyman service company and we’re working on his web presence now. This would be perfect!

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