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100+ Best tools for freelancers who never want to have a boss again

Here’s a tough truth about freelancing: no one tells you how much of your time you’ll be spending on actually running your business. Lucky for you, there’s no shortage of tools for f... > how-i-routinely-pitch-and-win-5-figure-deals-as-a-freelancer

How I routinely pitch and win 5-figure deals as a freelancer

On your first day as a freelancer, you inherit a responsibility to be more than just a service provider. You’re now a business owner — a company of one. To succeed, you also need to become the acc... > how-to-write-an-invoice

How to write an invoice (and get paid) in 5 easy steps

If you provide any sort of service or product to a client or customer, then you need to properly learn how to write an invoice. Learning how to write an invoice can be incredibly simple, but there are... > earning-33k-fiverr-taught-building-freelance-business

What earning $33k from Fiverr taught me about building a freelance business

Before starting my career as a full-time freelance blogger, I used to sell landing page designing gigs on Fiverr part-time. Back then, I used to make $2,000+ each month with little effort on my end, a... > how-i-brought-in-20k-of-freelance-work-in-7-days-by-hacking-angellist

How I hacked my way to $20K of AngelList jobs in 7 Days

I’ve tried almost every method of finding clients, short of busking on the street. I even met a client in line for coffee once! I found clients using sites like Upwork, I’ve used Facebook groups, ... > susie-bulloch-interview

From freelance writer to million-dollar BBQ blog and a Guinness Record with Susie Bulloch of Hey Grill Hey (FTF 6.4)

When grown-ups used to ask Susie Bulloch what she would be when she grew up, she didn’t stand a chance of guessing correctly. That’s because, as Susie puts it in our most recent episode of... > chelsea-baldwin-interview

From freelance writer to $300K/year with Chelsea Baldwin of Copy Power (FTF 6.3)

For this episode, we’re heading into the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina, where Chelsea Baldwin moved with her family after her early childhood years in Indiana. She was like any o... > what-to-write-about

25 Things to write about when you’re feeling stuck

A common scene in movies is this of a miserable writer with no idea what to write about who struggles for days or months to write a few sentences without success. A dramatic change in his/her life (us... > prospecting-on-autopilot-the-key-to-always-having-work-as-a-freelancer

Prospecting on autopilot: the key to always having work as a freelancer

Finding new customers is how you keep consistent money flowing. But without actually doing the work and turning in the deliverables — you won’t get paid. At times, it seems like you’re both the ... > how-to-rock-your-freelance-portfolio-even-if-youre-a-beginner

How to rock your freelance portfolio, even if you’re a beginner

As a freelancer, there’s nothing scarier than coming across that dreaded “please send your portfolio” line, right? Especially when you’re just starting out. What could you show your potential ...