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Should I Take a 1099 Job? + Quiz

Whether you find yourself suddenly unemployed or just considering a career change, the question “Should I take a 1099 job?” can be a tricky one. I still remember taking my eight-year side-hustle f... > graphic-design-contract

Crafting a Graphic Design Contract to Protect Yourself (with Templates)

Having a graphic design contract in place may be the last thing on your mind when you’re starting out as a freelancer. In all the excitement of landing your first big clients, it can be easy to forg... > do-i-need-a-business-license-to-freelance

Do I Need a Business License to Freelance?

When you’re starting a business, one of the first things you might ask yourself is, “Do I need a business license to freelance?” For many people, the answer is yes – you do need a busi... > how-to-do-taxes-as-a-freelancer

How to Do Taxes As a Freelancer the Right Way

If you are one of the roughly 59 million gig workers in the US, it is up to you to be familiar with every aspect of running your own business. Of course that includes the skills that got you into busi... > sole-proprietorship-to-llc

How to Go From A Sole Proprietorship to LLC in 2023

Freelancing is an interesting occupation. A lot of us start out picking up freelance work to pick up some extra money, because we wanted a part-time gig, or for more flexibility in how and when we wor... > who-gets-a-1099

Determining Who Gets a 1099-MISC Form and When it’s Due

Taxes for any business, large or small, can be daunting — especially for those just starting out. They leave you with so many questions…who gets a 1099? What is a 1099? When are my taxes due? ... > self-employment-tax-calculator

Self employment tax calculator to help you estimate what you might owe

Even though most people who are self employed really love it, there are some things that they also hate about it — most notably, self employment taxes. However, learning how to use a self employment...