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Net 30: What is It? + How It Can Affect You Getting Paid As A Freelancer

Every invoice comes with payment terms. That’s the section where the merchant lays out how the client is supposed to pay for services or products. One of those payment terms is what you call net 30.... > how-to-do-taxes-as-a-freelancer

How to Do Taxes As a Freelancer the Right Way

If you are one of the roughly 59 million gig workers in the US, it is up to you to be familiar with every aspect of running your own business. Of course that includes the skills that got you into busi... > video-editing-jobs

10 Video Editing Jobs Sites to Find Freelance Work

Video is an increasingly important medium of communication. We use video on social media to engage our audience, create sales videos to convert prospects into customers, and create YouTube channels in... > paypal-invoice

How to Create a PayPal Invoice to Get Paid Quickly (& Securely)

There are a lot of different ways to get paid as a freelancer. There are automated software programs, scheduled bank transfers for retainers, PayPal invoices, simple digital transfers, and a myriad of... > freelance-social-media-manager

How to Become a Freelance Social Media Manager in 2021

If you’re a person who is constantly on their phone checking their social media accounts and posting regularly, you are likely already a social media manager in your own right. Do you have a strong ... > 1099-vs-w2

1099 vs W2: What’s the Difference as a Freelancer?

My dad, a CPA, always told me, “There’s only two things in life that are certain. death, and taxes.” He may have copied that from someone else, but the sentiment holds true today. Taxes are a pa... > freelance-statistics-and-trends

Freelance Statistics Show Freelancers are Happier & Wealthier

Freelance statistics have shown a dramatic shift following the global shakeup caused by Covid-19. There are a few reasons for this sudden shift—most of which you’ll understand as you dive into the... > freelance-journalist

Freelance Journalist Guide: Salary, Skills + 7 Sites to Find Jobs

Does writing about the topics you’re truly interested in and invested in sound like a dream come true? How about being able to write wherever and whenever you get an opportunity to do so? If you’r... > freelance-vs-self-employed

Freelance vs Self Employed: What Are the Main Differences?

Most of us have had to fill out a form at one time or another asking about our “employment.” For most people, this is pretty straight-forward. They check the box that says “full-time” or “pa... > best-freelance-skills-to-learn

11 Best Freelance Skills to Learn to Achieve Freelancing Success

It is not easy to freelance. You need to be on the top of your game all the time. Once you choose freelancing as a long term career choice you have to focus on your personal development, and while you...