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How one photographer quit her day job and built a passive income business

Denise Love spent over a decade toiling away in kitchens and bathrooms. Not scrubbing them, but designing them. “Working in the kitchen and bath industry was really stressful,” says Denise... > 4-types-clients-will-drag-business

4 Types of clients that will drag you (and your business) down with them

In the freelance community, we can all relate to experiencing the headaches of the problem client before. Naturally, not every project you work on will go as smooth as molasses. But simply saying “i... > one-piece-advice-wish-knew-13-years-ago

The one thing I wish I’d known before my first client 13 years ago

It’s truly amazing what getting knocked down 4,873 times can teach you. I mean honestly, if you knew how hard it would be to run a successful design business, would you still do it? In the early da... > 3-marketing-hacks-used-build-5kmonth-freelance-business-4-months

3 Marketing hacks I used to build a $5K/mo freelance business in 4 months

In April 2015, I got fired from my full-time job. By August, I had built a freelance writing business that was bringing in $5k+/month. I didn’t have a degree, a network, or any experience running a ... > 9-point-checklist-client-getting-portfolio-website

The 9-point checklist for a client-getting portfolio website

Want more clients from your portfolio website? This checklist should help you get it up to speed – and help you grow. A lot of these things I’ve written about in the past, but I thought it... > freelance-contracts

5 Tools for creating & managing freelance contracts

We talk a lot about freelance contracts at Millo, because it’s a vital part of your success as a freelancer. Depending on where you live, a handshake or even an email may not be enough to settle... > super-successful-client-onboarding-process

Client onboarding: How I turn 90% of prospects into paying customers

One of the most important things in getting steady work is having a set client onboarding process that will transform potential customers into paying clients. Once that client inquiry lands in your in... > 14-freelance-design-mistakes-you-might-be-guilty-of

14 Freelancing mistakes you might be guilty of

This article contains a list of common mistakes that freelancers make. If you enjoy this article you may also want to read “10 Steps to becoming a successful freelancer” and “22 logo... > figure-target-ideal-client-online-6-steps

6 Steps to targeting your ideal client online

With so much activity happening on the web these days, reaching out to your target audience isn’t easy. You have to compete against many who have filled the SEO space with content as well as spa... > artist-vs-entrepreneur-wear-hat

Artist vs. Entrepreneur: When should you wear each hat?

You know in cartoons or movies when the main character is trying to make a decision and there’s a little angel and devil perched on their shoulder taunting or encouraging them in either direction? T...