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How to Get Jobs on Upwork in 7 Days with No Experience (2024)

Figuring out how to get jobs on Upwork can be a great way to start a freelance career—which can be both exciting and worrying at the same time. Getting a potential client to take a chance on you whe... > emotional-intelligence-eq-in-running-a-business

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in Running a Business

Running a business is about a lot more than profit margins and market dominance. Client communication skills, social media savvy, and staying up to date with constantly changing technology development... > tips-to-find-legit-craigslist-gigs

7 Tips to Find Legit Craigslist Gigs That Will Earn you More Work

If you have ever found yourself meeting up in the parking lot of a sketchy (but well-lit) fast-food restaurant waiting to hand cash over for used furniture, kids’ sports equipment, exotic plants... > upwork-vs-freelancer

Upwork vs Freelancer: Which is Better for Serious Freelancers?

Upwork vs. Freelancer? It’s one of the most common questions freelancers in the gig economy are asking. That’s because the gig economy is booming right now, with freelancers and companies ... > graphic-design-contract

Crafting a Graphic Design Contract to Protect Yourself (with Templates)

Having a graphic design contract in place may be the last thing on your mind when you’re starting out as a freelancer. In all the excitement of landing your first big clients, it can be easy to forg... > upwork-top-rated

How I Became a Top-Rated Upwork Freelancer

I wasn’t certain that being a “top-rated” Upwork freelancer would make a difference. I figured that everyone on that platform is treated the same way. But it turns out that being an Upwork top-r... > self-employed-bank-account

9 Best Bank Accounts for Self-Employed & Freelancers [Updated 2023]

Setting up a self-employed bank account or a bank account as a freelancer is critical when it comes to managing your business. Since you are your own boss, you are responsible for filing taxes, tracki... > freelance-payment-terms

10 Freelance Payment Terms That Should Be In Your Contract

Long-time freelancers have learned this the hard way, and will tell you over and over again: have a contract with your client that includes relevant freelance payment terms. Operating without a contra... > stripe-vs-paypal

Stripe vs PayPal: Which Payment Processor is Right For You?

With the explosion of the ecommerce industry, there has been a rise in tools and services that enable you to shop online. PayPal and Stripe are two of the leading names in the payment processing marke... > recurring-invoice

What Is a Recurring Invoice? + How to Set One Up for Easy Money

One of the biggest challenges when running a business is creating an effective payment system. Invoices are usually followed by endless follow-up emails and calls to the clients. For small businesses ...