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Invoice vs Receipt: The Key Differences & When to Send Them

As a freelancer, you’re often juggling many tasks —and bookkeeping tasks, like tracking expenses, sending invoices and providing receipts, are all an important part of keeping your freelance busin... > do-freelance-photographers-need-a-business-license

Do Freelance Photographers Need a Business License?

Many customers won’t bother to ask for a business license before hiring a photographer for their project. But what if someone asks you for one? You can’t just stand there and fidget nervously whil... > become-a-freelancer-on-upwork

How to Become a Freelancer on Upwork (Fast Guide)

If you are looking to become a freelancer on Upwork, then this guide is for you. The platform allows you to grow your profile and gain experience with some of the biggest names in the industry. One of... > invoice-number

What’s an Invoice Number? (and Why is it so Important?)

Something as simple as an invoice number plays a bigger role in your freelance business than you might think. Obviously, invoices are important. Without them, you don’t get paid. What is less obviou... > freelancer-invoicing-101-how-to-create-an-invoice-get-paid

Freelancer Invoicing 101: How to Create an Invoice & Get Paid

Running my own small business, I work with freelancers and contractors all the time. And I’m constantly shocked at how many new freelancers don’t understand freelancer invoicing basics, like how t... > thank-you-for-your-business

10 Best Ways to Say “Thank You For Your Business”

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. They are your most vital asset and the reason you exist. So how do you say “thank you for your business” in a meaningful way? In this art... > what-is-an-invoice

What Is An Invoice? Your All-in-One Resource for Learning to Get Paid

Whether you run a small business or you’re a freelancer, you’ll need to get paid at some point — this is when the invoice comes in. While many of us have heard of invoices, it’s totally a diff... > freelance-contract-template

Freelance contract template to secure your work and get paid (free download)

If you don’t have a freelance contract template (that you use EVERY time), it’s time for an intervention—and a ready-made contract (free download below) you can customize for yourself. Why am I ... > freelance-contracts

5 Tools for creating & managing freelance contracts

We talk a lot about freelance contracts at Millo, because it’s a vital part of your success as a freelancer. Depending on where you live, a handshake or even an email may not be enough to settle... > what-kind-of-contract-should-i-use-for-small-or-ongoing-projects

What kind of contract should I use for small or ongoing projects?

Have you ever struggled to write a contract for ongoing work? You’re not alone. One Millo reader commented: Love the article you posted today about freelance with a contract. I’m curious,...