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9 Tips to Help You Manage Multiple Projects as a Freelancer

Many freelancers have trouble finding their next client. However, some freelancers face the exact opposite problem: how to manage multiple projects and deal with many clients. The good news is there a... > moxie-vs-bonsai

Moxie vs Bonsai: Which is Better for Freelancers?

Moxie and Bonsai are two top-notch freelance suites offering invoicing, CRM, project management, proposals, and lots more. But which is better for you as a freelancer: Bonsai or Moxie? For today’... > self-employed-bank-account

9 Best Bank Accounts for Self-Employed & Freelancers [Updated 2023]

Setting up a self-employed bank account or a bank account as a freelancer is critical when it comes to managing your business. Since you are your own boss, you are responsible for filing taxes, tracki... > how-to-receive-money-on-paypal

How to Receive Money on PayPal As A Freelancer (With & Without Fees)

The way we make a living is changing. As the gig economy expands, there are opportunities for non-traditional work around every corner, and it is easier than ever to get paid as a freelancer. In the o... > clientjoy-review-a-good-choice-for-freelancers-in-2021

Clientjoy Review: A Good Choice for Freelancers in 2023?

Clientjoy bills itself as a sales CRM for freelancers and agencies. But with so many CRM options for freelancers, you might find yourself asking: which one is the best for me and how do I pick the bes... > how-to-become-a-freelance-accountant

How to Become a Freelance Accountant & Find More Jobs

Working for a firm, though a goal for many, is not your only option as an accountant. Fortunately for today’s qualified workers, the gig economy is flourishing, and it offers accountants another opp... > freshbooks-vs-xero

FreshBooks vs Xero: Which Freelance Accounting Tool is Right for You?

A cost-effective yet powerful cloud-based accounting tool is a must-have for any small to medium-sized business today. From sending invoices and paying bills, to keeping track of inventory and automat... > 14-best-project-management-tools-freelancers-solopreneurs

14 Best Project Management Tools for Freelancers (2023 Update)

Here’s a tough truth about project management for freelancers: no one tells you how much of your time you’ll spend managing projects as opposed to actually working on them. The upside? The... > getting-paid-as-a-freelancer

How to Get Paid As a Freelancer in 2023 (Apps & Advice That Work)

Getting paid as a freelancer can be extremely rewarding or terribly frustrating depending on your situation. Maybe it’s because most schools never teach students how to get paid as a freelancer—le... > 17-tips-for-effective-freelance-business-planning

Freelance Business Plan Template + Guide

A freelance business plan is the ideal way to make quick progress as a freelancer. Sure, you already feel like you know exactly what you need to do — find more clients, deliver high-quality work wit...