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Should You Give Free or Discounted Work Due to COVID-19?

“My clients have been impacted by Coronavirus and they’re asking for a discount. What should I do?” This question, in essence, was posed recently in our free Freelance Mastermind Group on Facebo... > how-to-promote-a-freelance-business-4-strategies-for-beginners

12 Ways to Promote Your Freelance Graphic Design Business

Whether you’re a brand new graphic designer or an established veteran, you can never have too many clients. But figuring out how to promote a graphic design business isn’t always easy. After all, ... > financial-aid-relief-funds-freelancers-coronavirus-covid-19

15 Financial Relief Funds for Freelancers During Covid-19

The quick spread of COVID-19 and many governments lack of foresight to include freelancers, solopreneurs, and independent contractors in financial stimuli have left many freelancers wondering where th... > whatfontis

WhatFontIs: The Most Accurate (& Free) Font Identification Service

Designers, behold: a truly free, accurate, and easy to use font identification service you can count on. Yep, you heard that right. No more guessing and digging around Google Images looking for a font... > client-relations

Good Client Relations: Turbochargers for Your Freelance Business

More and more frequently, jobs of all kinds—marketers, designers, developers, and writers to name a few—are being transformed from staff positions to freelance jobs. This new reality puts client r... > how-i-changed-my-business-model-to-succeed-even-during-tough-times

How I Changed My Business Model to Succeed Even During Tough Times

In 2015, I was a starving freelancer. For the entire first year of my freelancing business, I was in this constant path of learning how to be a business owner (and still am to this day). There were ti... > freelancing-tips

23 Freelancing Tips from Pro Freelancers Who Are Crushing It

Considering making the leap into freelancing can fill you with all sorts of emotions — like terror, for example. Reading up on freelancing tips, it’s pretty overwhelming even thinking about it... > killer-branding-questionnaire

A Killer Branding Questionnaire Guide for Your Brand Identity Clients

Whether you are a freelance designer, copywriter or solo marketer, you aim for providing first-class service to your clients. In order to do so, every project should start with a plan, and having a br... > remote-editing-jobs

11 Remote Editing Jobs Sites to Find Long-Term Editing Clients

Struggling to find remote editing jobs? Whether you’re a storyteller, a traveler, or a stay at home mom, you might be looking for new ways to make an income using skills you already have. There is a... > creative-writing-jobs

12 Creative Writing Jobs Sites to Make More Money from Your Passion

Landing creative writing jobs is a dream of many people around the world: high pay, flexible hours, interesting assignments… What’s not to like? The hardest thing about taking the leap and startin...