A Note for Freelance to Founder Guests

What to expect from your appearance on the podcast

Freelance to Founder Podcast

This is Brandon Hull, your show host. First of all, thank you for being willing to participate in an upcoming episode of Freelance to Founder. You join tremendous company from past episodes and seasons.

My goal is to share your story in an interesting and entertaining way. We know there are a multitude of marketing interview podcasts out there, especially shows aimed at entrepreneurs, founders, and freelancers.

We try to offer something different.

The show’s format

While our audience is made up of freelancers and solopreneurs, we’ve just pivoted from a fully narrative format to a blend of interview + commentary format.

While we want you to share practical how-to insights and interesting best practices you’ve come to learn, we also want listeners to get to know you better as a person.

Typically, episodes are around one hour in length. I will interview you one on one, and then we produce the show with modest editing. There is the likelihood that we’ll edit the interview for brevity.

We’d like to include a photo of you beyond your social profiles, so take a look at potential images we could use.

What we’ll cover

Can you come prepared to share a story, anecdote, lesson, or analogy that you haven’t shared elsewhere? This keeps our show fresh and unique. 

The real nuggets of wisdom you share often come from the spontaneous, follow-up questions we can’t prepare you for. But an overview of what we cover includes: 

  • Your earlier childhood: Did your parents career have any impact on what path you chose for a career?
  • Your education: What did you study, why, and how did it lead to your first job post-university?
  • Your career: (If you did some freelancing) What type of work did you do before freelancing, what challenges did you face, and what lessons did you learn? Did you freelance early in your career? If so, what type of work did you do?
  • Your pivot: How did you make the transition to founder? (We’ll dive deep into this.) How did you know the timing was right? What fears did you face?
  • Your business today: What kind of success are you seeing (revenue/number of customers/growth rate)? What setbacks have you faced?
  • Your work routine: How do you do what you do, what do you outsource, how do you manage risk?
  • Looking back: What are you most proud of? What do you wish you knew at the beginning that you know now? What principles or practices have you come to appreciate that more freelancers should embrace? Who emerged as a mentor to you?

About your answers

In order to prevent us from talking over each other, do all you can to keep your answers as short as possible.

This gives me a chance to chime in with follow-up questions or observations. But of course, if I’ve asked for details, go in-depth with your insights.

What you need in terms of equipment

Since we’ll be recording long distance, you’ll need reliable Internet access at the time of our interview, including access to Chrome in particular, and earbuds or headphones (to limit feedback and echo). We’ll be using a browser-based service called SquadCast, and it will ask for access to your microphone and speakers. Please grant that access!

If you have a mic that is separate from your earbuds, that’s much preferred. Let me know what you’ll have for our recording.

Lastly, if you can make sure we’re not interrupted in the form of knocks on your office door or smartphone notifications, that would be great. The more comfortable your room, the better. Four industrial walls cause a lot of echo. And please silence that smartphone!

Promoting your episode and the podcast

While we have a significant listenership, email list, and audience at Millo, we’d kindly ask that you share your episode of the podcast with a link to your specific post, when it goes live.

A few shares via social media, a link from one of your pages at the website where you link to other PR you’ve received, and/or a mention in one of your emails to your list — these would be great and we’d really appreciate it.

If you have any questions about anything, let me know via email. Otherwise, we’re excited to get started.